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So, you're looking to buy or have bought a new build home – congratulations! While it's an exciting time, it's important to be aware of the process of snagging and why it's important to ensure your new home is in the best condition possible before you move in. Get Snagged offer new build inspections in Brentwood, Essex and anywhere within the surrounding areas, to ensure that everything that is the developers responsibility is set right. Our snagging service involves a comprehensive check of the property to ensure it meets the standard of quality you expect from a brand-new home. With 20 years of experience to rely on, you can trust Get Snagged to catch the snags that others miss.

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We offer a complete service that covers your home from the ground up. Our new build inspections in Brentwood are designed to catch everything that the developer has missed while constructing your home. That could be something as small as a missing screw in a door hinge or a scratch on a window. Either way, if it is the responsibility of the developer to fix, we'll ensure that it's caught ahead of time. Service packages include:






What is a snagging list?

A snagging list, commonly referred to as a snag list, is a compilation of faults found in a newly constructed property. This list is created through a visual examination conducted by a qualified expert. We offer this as part of our new build inspections in Brentwood.

What are some of the main snags?

  • Plasterwork patching and redecoration.
  • Incomplete grouting of ceramic and bathroom tiles.
  • Caulking required on skirting boards and architraves.
  • Block work not fully pointed.
  • Broken roof tiles.
  • Scratched or defective glazing.

When is the best time for a new build inspection in Brentwood?

If you are buying “off-plan,” ensure that you have the snagging inspection done before you exchange contracts. This allows you to adjust and update your contract to include any snagging issues that may be identified during our inspection.

If you’re buying on-plan, the best time for a snagging inspection is when the builder serves notice to complete. This is generally done two weeks before you move in, giving the builder a reasonable amount of time to correct any snags that are discovered during inspection.

Can a developer deny you access to the property?

In some cases, difficult developers may try and deny you access but, as you have a legal interest in the property in question, your solicitor will be able to arrange access for you.




Ensure That Your “Completed” Home is Truly Complete

We apply close attention to detail with every property, so you can trust that we'll identify what others miss.

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