Professional Snagging in Brentwood






inspecting windows on New build in Brentwood

Standard service

We offer a comprehensive, thorough service when it comes to our new build inspections in Brentwood. We'll sweep the property from top to bottom, ensuring that everything that is the developer's responsibility to fix is caught and flagged. Once this is done, a copy of the report will be sent to you and to the developer within 2 working days of completion of our professional snagging in Brentwood.



Snagging inspections in Brentwood

Standard Plus Service 

The Standard Plus package includes everything that the Standard package entails, in addition to a de-snagging service. We will liaise with your developers to ensure that every snag we catch is fixed and put right, completing an additional inspection once the work is done. That way, through our professional snagging in Brentwood, we can ensure that nothing is missed and that you can move in with complete peace of mind.



New build thermal Inspections in Brentwood

Thermal Imaging Inspections

As part of our professional snagging in Brentwood, we utilise thermal imaging technology for a variety of reasons. This helps us to identify issues such as heat loss, due to improperly installed or missing insulation, leaks and, in the worst cases, even insect infestations. We don't just stop at the surface – we look deeper.










Re Inspection


*(Apartment £250/ House £325)







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